With Las Bombas on Streetmusic Tour 2014

I am on Tour with the great „Las Bombas“ on Tour through Portugal and some Days in Andalucia (Spain) -> the Home Region of my Friends from „J. Leiva Percussion„, who made this Cajon in Córdoba. Playing the „Medina“ Series and it Sounds Great here in the Streets.

las bombas oficial page
las bombas at Facebook

This photo is made in huelva. I recommend you the bar „aqua“ cafe-bar aqua

These aer the Dates:

21.07. Lisboa
22.07. Cascáis
23.06. Pr Tomás ribeida en sines
24.07 Lagos was cancelled -> praia de Rocha
25.07. & 26.07. praia de Rocha
27.06. Lisboa
28.07. tavira
29.07. ES-Huelva
30.07 & 31.08. ES-Punto Umbria
01.08. Praia de Rocha
02.08. & 03.08. Lisboa

Michael Król & Nico Stallmann are joining me the complete tour. Pierre de Stefano left us on 27.07. 🙁

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