INTI.memoria feat Akeem Garrison – Open your eyes

Chaski directed and shot the music video in Jamaica using an iPhone, with INTI handling editing and AugiTropics providing color grading. The video features INTI’s multiple roles including editing, producing, mixing, as well as performing vocals, bass, and rhythm guitar, with Ganjaman’s mix and mastering and Josi Coppola on drums. … Continue readingINTI.memoria feat Akeem Garrison – Open your eyes

Luisa Laakmann – „Telepathie“ – #AugiTropics on Drums

Luisa and I communicate seamlessly on stage while making music. Neither of us needs to make any agreements, we follow and accompany each other. I am very pleased that she chose me to play drums on this track from her album.

In a musical sense, the telepathy between us is one of the most essential characteristics of how you can characterise our playing together. … Continue readingLuisa Laakmann – „Telepathie“ – #AugiTropics on Drums