with Luisa Laakmann on Percussion

I first met Luisa at the Turnpike Reggae Festival in Oelde in 2018. From backstage I heard her singing voice & rhythm guitar, went to the stage and was totally blown away by her lyrics & songs.

She writes very poetic, painterly lyrics, has beautiful, catchy melodies and a MEGA groove! Playing with her as a drummer is always a great pleasure for me

About 8 weeks later we played her album presentation together with Eric Paniagua on baby bass and her sister Marissa (backing vocals)!

The cover picture together Luisa Laakmann & Ridm & Chop Backingband was taken after our performance at the Ruhr Reggae Summer in Dortmund.

f.l.t.r. Moe Salja (R.i.P), Aleksandar Aca Kazić, Luisa Laakmann, Sascha Essa Czarnowski, .MLND & AugiTropics

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