with Leyla´s Freunde on Drums

One of the most popular rhythms that comes from Morocco is Gnawa music and I have known it since 2004 when I heard Djamel Laroussi and his band for the first time. In 2024 I played for the first time with a band that plays the essence of these Gnawa rhythms with these Qaraqib.

The Café Casablanca in Taunusstraße / Cologne (Humboldt Gremberg) is an institution in Cologne’s North African oasis and has even brought out a wonderful session band. Leyla’s Freunde play Arabic songs with funk, soul and a bit of fresh Moroccan mint!

Band Members

Abdel KaderVocals, Darburka & Qaraqib
Andreas HaentjesE-Gitarre
Birgit HaentjesE-Bass
Lorenzo ThomsonDjembe

Guest Musicians

AbdelghaniCalabassa & Qaraqib
Khaled Fes JdidBacking Vocals

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