with Las Bombas on Cajon

Don’t worry,
they just want to play.


When Las Bombas play, different rules apply.

Five musicians, entertainers and sex objects between hot lovin’ Latin and ramp-souring Ginger Baker
turn the Christmas party at the tax office into an excessive group pogo on request.

With ecstatic beats, slashy riffs and squeaking kazoos, the rules of the game
the rules of the game quickly become clear: Everyone gives their all until everything escalates.

Nico Stallmann – Lead Vocals & Drums
Michael Król – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Pierre de Stefano – Saxophone & Backing Vocals
Jonas Bareiter – Bass & Backing Vocals
AugiTropics – Cajon & Backing Vocals

Photos 2021 Jenni von Marry Bohemian
Photos 2014 Andreas Wohlgemut

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