with „Chango Leon“ on Hybrid Drums Set

We were active in the Cologne music scene for a couple of years and did a lot of experimentation with our music. In this short period of time we played a couple of concerts. Out of this we developed a fusion of Latin and Rock in a trio line-up and finally composed the music for our EP „Rasquelle Compadre“ as well as many other songs in a live version.

I have created a hybrid set of drums and SPD-S (sampler with conga sounds & reggaeton snares) for this project

Edgar Huitron Martinez – Composition, Vocals & Bass
Michael Krol – Guitar, Arrangement, Production & Backing Vocals
AugiTropics – Drums & Percussion, Production, Arrangement & Backing Vocals

In the beginning the band was called Los Matatigres – then there was a change of concept and the new name „Chilango Cachaco“ was found! We took the first photos in April in the 70s shop del Sol in Wuppertal.

2014 Chilango Cachaco

Unfortunately we realised that although the name was cool, most people either couldn’t pronounce the name „Tschlango Katschako“ or couldn’t even remember it! My band colleague Edgar simply renamed the band „Chango Leon“ (=monkey lion) and the name was immediately memorable and phonetically no longer a disaster!

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