La Papa Verde live and acoustic concert!

„Dia de los Muertos -In Mexico, we celebrate death as part of life, but not murder!“

Under this motto I once again played with La Papa Verde short and small (mini acoustic set-up) at the Allerweltshaus in Cologne. We had decided at short notice to play with mini amplifiers after all. For the gig I spontaneously decided to use my J.leiva „Medina Eco“ Cajon + Masterwork Splash cymbals and HiHat + LP Timbalito with carpet (as snare) and Tamborim (as tom replacement). As bass drum pedal I play with the „Medina B.Box Pedal“, also from J.leiva… Highly recommended. The gig rocked!

Allerweltshaus Köln, 2014 für La Papa Verde
Allerweltshaus Köln, 2014 with La Papa Verde

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