Kölsch/ Cologne Band „CABB“ – Band Premiere

On Fri, 13.01.2017 I’m playing with CABB at 20:30 in the Traditions Pub.

„Gaffel im Linkewitz“
Niehler Damm 179
50735 Kölle

Since last spring we have been working on a new concert programme with CABB in the new formation. Previously the band was only on the tour with cajon and partly with double bass and now we rock more!

Now we have worked out a programme of about 75 minutes and you can offer it.

The entrance fee is EUR 5. In the pre-sale you get a free mp3 with your online ticket  -> whoop!

If you have no idea what I do in the band, come along, listen and be amazed! I sing backings Vocals in the choir -> we sing in up to four voices and it’s sensational!

Musically, the band ranges from Kölsche Music to handmade party music to stadium rock!

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