KEDAN – Look at you

ARTIST: Kedan //

Camera / Edit / Color Grading: M.C. Augusto Stahlke / AugiTropics

In October 2020 I traveled to Barbados with the band Memoria from Cologne/ Germany. We met Kedan just before a concert of the band in Holetown. She spontaneously performed with Memoria at the same concert. 

Chaski and Inti used the time on the island to get to know local artists and to establish contact. the Collorboration with Kedan this project (Look at you) was born.

The music was produced by Chaski during the 3 weeks and recorded on location with her. The music video was shot during the recordings in the improvised sound studio in the summer residence and in your neighborhood spontaneously with few resources.

produced by BuildupBeats / Chaski
Lyrics by Kedan

Support by Daniela & Inti

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